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Some of you know and some of you don’t that I (Jeanette) have been dealing with some health issues. For the past six years I have been managing my gall bladder pain by eating a low fat diet and drinking tons of water. I have always considered myself “tough” and had decided that if the gall bladder attacks were only happening while I was pregnant, I wouldn’t worry about getting it out after I was done having babies.

My body had different ideas. About two weeks ago I started having some pain that I knew was my gall bladder. I excused myself from the table with my family and decided to try to sleep through the attack. I ended up being woken up by the pain and not being able to lay through it. I decided to try to take a hot shower. In the past, scalding my body into submission has worked well. The pain was starting to increase to a bit unbearable, but unbearable pain is not something I believed in before this. I’m mentally tough. Pain is in my head right? Well after a bit in the shower, the pain became unbearable. My body gave up and I passed out. When I came to I was able to text my mom who was just upstairs. She came down and (after screaming at me to NEVER LOCK THE DOOR WHEN YOU’RE SHOWERING!) got me up and into the kitchen where Josh took over and made the executive decision to get me to the hospital. That 20 minute ride was the worst time of my entire life. I have given birth to 4 children. I’ve broken multiple bones. I am not afraid of pain, but this was ruined me. I couldn’t cry or breath. When we got to the hospital the sweet intake woman came in to get my insurance information and I threw up because of the pain. Everything from there is really a blur to me. I know they gave me something called dilaudid. They also ran a bunch of tests and found out that my gall bladder had given up and I needed to get it out immediately. I was far from home so they kept me over night and sent me home with instructions to get it out.

The attack hasn’t stopped yet. I’ve been dealing with this for almost a week and a half now.
The reason I’m telling you this story is this. With the exception of one beautiful wedding, we had to cancel quite a few engagement sessions, order sessions and client meetings. A few things are behind schedule. Our clients have been AMAZING through all of this. Offering us meals, and to watch our babies and telling us to put them on the back burner and focus on our health. I’m blown away. I have always known we have the most amazing friends who are our clients. This experience has just proven that over and over again.

Thank you all so much. Thank you for being there for us when it’s not your job. Thank you for showing up, and for giving out grace. We are so blessed, and we love you all so so much.

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