Jenny | Three

Jenny is one of the sweetest, most soft hearted people I’ve ever met. With that comes some BIG feelings. She gets excited big, gets angry big and most importantly LOVES BIG. I cherish every day with this precious life. F57A5496

MOMMY : What’s your favorite color?
JENNY: “um, purple and pink and red. that makess…. ummm BLUE! I want blue.”


MOMMY: What’s your favorite person?
JENNY : mmm, Kristen?

MOMMY: What’s your favorite thing to do?
JENNY: Painting and color. F57A5498

MOMMY : Jenny what’s your favorite thing to eat?
JENNY: Pizza!

MOMMY: Who is your best friend?
JENNY: Kristen, and ummmm Abby. F57A5500

Happy Three little one. You’ll do great things!

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