John + Melissa | A Winter State College Wedding

Starting this blog post was hard. How do I put into words how special Melissa and her whole family is to me? How to I express how thrilled I am that she found John, the perfect match for her?
Melissa’s family lived across the fields from us growing up. Often we could hear their cows mooing if something was up.  Mr. Anthony pulled us out of ditches with his tractor, Melissa spent hours on the phone with my sister talking about boys and clothes and everything in between.

I met John over skype, and was a bit wary, maybe even protective. He met my exceptions and more! He is kind, loving and patient. He laughs with her and picks on her and is a joy to be around!


We drove to State College for their wedding late Friday night.  They were kind enough to get us a room in their hotel block so we could get as much sleep as possible, because getting ready started at 4AM! (note the beautiful window light. haha!)

The girls getting ready room was a blast to be in. One thing I love about being with the girls from the beginning of the day is the relaxed time before photos actually need taken. I get to know the bridesmaids and it always translates well into the rest of the day because we know each others names and they are comfortable with me, and I start to love them!

The guys getting ready may look serious, but these guys were laughing all morning! They were such a fun bunch of people and were up for everything.

John and Melissa got married at Calvary Church in State College. They have a giant fellowship room that is surrounded by windows.  So beautiful!  Melissa wore her mothers dress, and all the girls got dresses in the same colors, and when they all got together in the morning were so excited that all the shades matched.

John bought Melissa these Toms as a gift, and the little lanterns were used as the bridesmaids bouquets. Every detail was considered and made perfect, including Melissa’s paper flower bouquet!

After the Daddy Daughter first look it was time for the ceremony!

Then on to the reception, They had a BREAKFAST RECEPTION! (did I mention the ceremony was at 9am?)

These mugs held our coffee perfectly (coffee is the best addition to a reception!) and at the end of the day the guests got sent home with them as favors.

It was a cold foggy day, but the bridal party laughed the whole time anyways and we had a blast during portrait time!

There was a playground in this church! Josh convinced the groomsmen (who needed no extra nudge) to climb up into it so that Josh could be in the playground “for working.”
Then it was time for the bubble send off! I love these images, the hats are so significant to the family and I love how they were so thoughtful through the whole day to incorporate little touches like this. When they came out wearing the hats and flannels I almost cried! (but I couldn’t, because I had to take photos!)


John and Melissa, it was a true honor to be a part of your wedding day. I can’t wait to watch you grow in your love and see how beautiful your life becomes.

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