Jordan + Kelcee | A Wayneseburg PA Backyard Wedding

It’s always so difficult to start a blog post. You wonder what is most important to convey to the reader. Should I start with the stunning details of the day? Maybe talk about the couples origin story and how they came to be getting married? Share a sweet moment that I was able to be present for? How can I accurately describe exactly how this wedding felt, in words?

There are three thing I know for sure.
Jordan and Kelcee are 100% meant to spend the rest of their lives together.
Their families joy for the couple was tangible throughout the wedding day.
No wedding has ever made me cry tears of joy quite like this one.

I will do my best to tell their story. It’s one of the most beautiful one’s I’ve ever had the honor to tell. 13767303_500482603483282_4160001798527706677_o

The beginning. Although I wasn’t at the airport to see this, (I snagged this photo from Kelcee’s amazing momma) Jordan and Kelcee’s families orchestrated an incredible proposal for her on Friday (two days before her wedding on Sunday!) They were able to get her to the gate to see him, had flowers waiting for him to give to her, and he surprised her with a proposal at baggage with all their family hiding and watching!

Words can not express how special Jordan and Kelcee are to us. Jordan has been in our lives for a very long time, and after meeting Kelcee at our friend Evan’s wedding, Josh and I both knew that she was the one. When Jordan called me late at night from wherever the army had him, I squealed like a little girl! Josh was on the phone with him talking about details and I was over his shoulder pestering, “Is it Kelcee!? Are they getting married!? We’re available!!!”


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ll go ahead and let these images do the talking. Enjoy.

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“Keep her safe, make her strong. Guard her body, heart and soul and let her life be filled with love. Light the path that she’s begun give her faith, for she’s the one. who will grow into the woman who will stand beside my son”
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Jordan and Kelcee, there are no words to express how thankful we are to have been invited into your families to capture this day for you. We love you both dearly and will be praying for you!

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