Rudy + Kayla

Rudy + Kayla had such a beautiful, emotional wedding day. I found myself crying no less than 10 times. It was so perfect. Rudy is truly an incredible man, and Kayla’s smile and laugh lights up any room! Since their engagement session I’ve known that we would become fast friends and spending their wedding day together was such a blessing!

Rudy and Kayla gave us a run for our money by having TWELVE bridesmaids and TWELVE groomsmen!  We LOVE large bridal parties because it’s like your entire day is a party! Kayla’s girls were a blast and the dresses were so pretty!

Kayla is a girl after my own heart! All the pink was swoon worthy!

We joke a lot that I have more work during the wedding day because I love being up with the girls when their hair and makeup is getting done and dress put on and all the emotions that come with that. Josh basically just plays pool/golf/ping pong and then takes some great images in the 15 minutes it takes the guys to get ready.

Seriously, how beautiful is Kayla.  Her dress was a perfect choice for her and her hair was amazing, but that smile! It seriously lights up any room.

Then it was time for the ceremony!

again, how beautiful are the colors of this wedding!?

My image is so pretty and all the girls love Kayla… Not sure what’s happening with Josh’s. haha! This party knew how to have fun for sure!

Their wedding reception was at the Scottish Rite Cathedral in New Castle.  It was beautiful! Such an amazing venue choice.

I loved the babys breath center pieces! Again, white and pink. *swoon*

One of my favorite things is the mother daughter dance. I have to be honest that I cried my whole way through this. Such a touching idea.

The teddy bear toss was another adorable new idea! Kayla threw out a teddy bear for the kids to catch before the bouquet toss. It was a hit!

Then it was time for a few last minute photos before the party got crazy. We headed out right at golden light and Rudy and Kayla had a few minutes to spend together at the end of their day.

Rudy and Kayla. We are so so grateful to have been a part of your wedding day. We love you guys!

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