Monday Minute : do it scared

Kristen shooting details for a prom we hosted at Sparrow Hill in May of 2020


The answer to the question “How to blog about all the different aspects of my life, in a clean and strategic way.” appears to be not at all. Obviously, the only way I can do anything is perfectly, or not at all.  The irony is that in guiding our children, our team and our couples I am always advocating for “failing forward.” and saying that it is better to try and fail than to never try at all.

Blogging is something that I enjoy, but because I’m not able to fit how to do it into a perfect little box the overwhelm of options on how to do it ended up with my just not doing it at all.

Another great excuse for not blogging is that if we share about things that are hard, we will open ourselves up to criticism, or even worse speak negatively about the people in our lives that may have something to do with those hard things or even worse- offend someone and tarnish their image of Jesus.  So instead, we stay silent.  I think that was the wrong choice.  While there are some things that are still off limits to be said on the internet, I think it’s time that I start talking again.

Here’s what I’ve decided:

To revamp our Monday minute by blogging weekly about all things family, farm, renovations, homeschooling (yes, we’re still doing that!) marriage and maybe photography.

To bring out my big camera at least once a week so that I can document our life for this blog.

To start blogging consistently on the Sparrow Hill blog and use the same strategy we have on tiktok and instagram- hyper focused on weddings, brides and serving current and future couples.

To stop being afraid of “doing it wrong.” and just “do it scared.” as Elyse Myers would say.


So anyways, if you’re along for the ride, I’m glad to have you here. If I’m just speaking into the void, that’s fine too.  I think it’s important to do some things just because they bring you joy, and not need to have any sort of strategy to make money from that thing.

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