Monday minute : march goals

It’s the end of February! I’m excited to say that I’ve blogged consistently almost every Monday this year! I gave myself a pass last week, but I may go back and do something to make up for it this week. I had it planned, it just didn’t happen.

On to March! I love the start of a new month almost as much as I love Mondays. Fresh starts are my favorite, and i get a new chapter in my start planner to work on. I was filling this page out this morning while generally crushing it at being productive when I decided this is what I would blog about today! So, my three big goals for March :

  • Cut expenses. – Things at the venue are going really well! Even so, and even though we are mentally prepared to take a loss this year financially, a ton of little things keep coming up that need money, This week we are buying bedding for almost 50 beds! Talk about things that are not fun to spend money on! Our friends Zach and Jody have an amazing client management software called Shootflow (check it out photographers. It’s everything!) They hooked us up with a second account for the venue, so we are canceling our honeybook subscription ( that I’ve been paying $45/month for and not using for like 6 months) and using the system I understand. Also going is our hulu live (sadness!) and eating out for taco Tuesday. (We’re doing make at home tacos tomorrow, which is totally better anyways!)
  • 4 more venue bookings! Kelcee, Josh and I have a stretch goal to book 12 venue weddings in the next 12 weeks! I love having measurable goals, and I’m excited for this one. We have a few marketing plans in the works ( like a $2500 photography giveaway!) for the next 3 months, and I’m super excited to see what happens!
  • Last but most important, is spending time daily and intentionally with God. I have a few friends that we keep each other accountable, but we’ve all been slacking the past few weeks. I know that God is doing big things in the Rowley household and at Sparrow Hill, so I need to make sure to not be allowing any footholds for the enemy to sneak in. Specifically, we are praying over The Farm and all families that walk there every time we enter and leave the driveway. I’m also going to go back to a chapter a day for a bit and making sure to journal.

That’s it for me! What are your goals looking like this month? How was your two months of the new year? Leave me some comments below!

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