Stay at home… Monday Minute

It’s Wednesday morning ( just checked… afternoon) when I’m finally sitting down to write this. I’ve struggled for months and months about where to blog my Monday minutes, and I have absolutely used that as an excuse to not do it at all. Last week I watched a you tube video from a photographer I follow. She was talking about tips she uses to make sure she uses her “big camera” to photograph daily life. I thought that would be a great push to get back to it. We also picked up a new lens last week, and so having a different perspective than my trust 50mm has been fun too. So, here’s my “monday on a wednesday” minute. Maybe next week, I’ll get it out on Tuesday.

We’ve been doing a lot of coloring lately. Jenny knows I love sparrows so she made me this one.

Our stay at home order has been going on for so long I don’t know how many days we’re at. I know we’re past 40 since “this whole thing started.”
The girls last day at school was 3/12, when Josh and I got to go to the Pittsburgh children’s museum with J. 4/1, our state went on state wide stay at home orders. School has been closed “indefinitely” and distance learning is becoming our new normal.

We’ve missed having our friends over for our bi-weekly game nights, Josh going to basketball, J’s dance and K’s AHG, Wednesday night church group…Church. But honestly the consistency of staying home every night has been pretty great.

The dogs don’t know why the house is so noisy during the day, but Sara loves being able to run and play with the kids. Bella is more or less over it. She’s an old lady who wants her quiet.

My one hour of screen time per day rule went out the window super fast in the beginning when it was cold out. At one point I looked over and every screen we own was out and opened and it was cringe-worthy, but it was helping. The little zombies are getting quite good at Skylanders, and the “epic” app is super cool as well!

I think my favorite part so far is all the time I’ve gotten to spend with the big girls. I’ve always felt like public school got to keep them too much, often I would get in a tad bit of trouble for pulling them out of school for a week to just “go to the mountains for family time.” I love the slow mornings and cereal on the counter and PJ’s all day and no expectations.

Now I just have to convince all our friends to come do it with us like a little cult. ahem. community.

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