Tyler and Katelyn : A tionesta pa, campfire , kayaking and puppies engagement session

As this is being published, Josh and I, along with Tyler and Katelyn are currently in Aspen, CO. surrounded by mountains, enjoying their beautiful wedding. Talk about a dream come true! Their engagement session a few weeks ago was nothing less than extraordinary. Katelyn’s family has a camp at tionesta, and we spend a few hours traveling around that area, snuggling their dogs (ok, mainly trying to take home their dogs.) and laughing an awful lot. What came of it was some pretty incredible images, that I know I will always look back on and smile. Enjoy!

We hiked up this massive hill for this image, and although Josh was up there a solid five minutes before I was, It was still totally worth it! The light and the view was amazing! I loved this puppy kiss + owner kiss moment! After our puppy snuggles, we headed back to the camp to make a fire and snuggle up some more. Then they took us to this strange little place called cougar bobs. Apparently everyone has been there, and we loved it! We even got a photo with that moose head. ( I didn’t kiss it though!)


Tyler and Katelyn, You guys are one in a million. I can’t wait to walk along side you guys through the next months and years of your marriage!

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