Tylor and Brandy : Scottish Rite Cathedral Wedding

Tyler and Brandy had the most beautiful wedding! Brandy was one of my senior portrait clients, then became our full time nanny, and now is married to Tylor and having her own sweet little one! We so enjoyed laughing and dancing the night away with them and their friends and family that have become like our family in the past years.

Tyler and Brandy had their ceremony and reception at the Scottish Rite Cathedral, and it was the perfect backdrop for who Brandy is as a person. Amazing architecture and beautiful light! We loved it.

Brandy’s parents gave up their anniversary cruise to pay for this wedding! They are amazing, hard working people and I love their story. Beth asked for a few images of just them since they were all dressed up and we happily obliged.

Tylor and Brandy, Thank you so much for inviting us to be a part of your big day! We wish you many many years of happiness!

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