"life is a culmination of small moments, making up an incredible story"

Matt and Maria’s December wedding was one of the most well thought out, beautiful weddings.  We started the day at Julie’s Friends in Boardman. Then we headed off to The makeup boutique in canfield  for professional airbrush makeup. They did an INCREDIBLE job!  They had such a lovely makeup studio in Canfield Ohio for getting […]

Matt + Maria | Boardman Ohio Wedding Photographer | Vineyards at Pine lake wedding

December 9, 2017

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We don’t shoot a lot of church weddings, but when we do I just love it! There is something about the tradition of the day that really gets to me. Brian and Jennifer had such a beautiful day! We started out getting ready at The Presbyterian Church in Conneaut Lake, PA With all the classic […]

Brian and Jennifer : A purple church wedding

November 20, 2017

Fun, Imaginative, Breathtaking, Emotional.  Those are just some of the words I want to use to describe Brian and Becky’s day.   Becky is a true princess inside and out, kind and caring and beautiful! Her day was nothing short of perfect. They say pictures say a thousand words, so enjoy. <3 Becky and Brian’s reception […]

Brian + Becky : A Buhl Park Fairy tale wedding

October 10, 2017

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Mark this down as one of my all time favorite weddings. There was laughter, there were tears, incredible incredible portraits and most of all, a long lasting, true love between the bride and groom.  Mitch and Sam did something fun and different and had their wedding at Headwaters park in Erie! It’s not a wedding […]

Mitchell + Sam | Headwaters Park, Erie PA Wedding Photographers

July 19, 2017

Rudy + Kayla had such a beautiful, emotional wedding day. I found myself crying no less than 10 times. It was so perfect. Rudy is truly an incredible man, and Kayla’s smile and laugh lights up any room! Since their engagement session I’ve known that we would become fast friends and spending their wedding day […]

Rudy + Kayla

July 10, 2017

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Travis and Casey had such an amazing wedding day! We started at clarks mills church, where Josh and Travis play church league softball sometimes! The church was decorated beautifully and all Casey’s details were so perfect for their day! Travis started the day off mapping out how the whole wedding was going to play out. […]

Travis + Casey

July 6, 2017

An incredible day. That’s all that I can think of the describe Chris + Amanda’s wedding.  The weather called for rain all day, and her outdoor wedding was going to suffer if it came true. We had planned for a year for this botanical garden wedding and we were heartbroken that it may not happen […]

Chris + Amanda – Fellows Botanical Garden Wedding

June 28, 2017

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Brian and Nicole’s wedding was such an incredible way to start a wedding season! From the beginning to the end it was one of the most relaxed, amazing days we’ve photographed. Nicole is such a gracious and kind person, anything that went wrong (as things always do!) she took in stride with a focus on […]

Brian + Nicole [ Wallace Memorial Chapel Wedding ]

May 27, 2017

Starting this blog post was hard. How do I put into words how special Melissa and her whole family is to me? How to I express how thrilled I am that she found John, the perfect match for her? Melissa’s family lived across the fields from us growing up. Often we could hear their cows […]

John + Melissa | A Winter State College Wedding

January 24, 2017

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We had the honor of being chosen as the photographers for Reade and Rebecca’s wedding last weekend. This was one of the most special weddings we have photographed for so many reasons. The first for me being that I have watched Rebecca grow up  for years. She’s one of my sisters very best friends and […]

Reade + Rebecca : a magical winter wedding

December 13, 2016

Since the day we met Aaron and Katie at Fresh Grounds,  We KNEW they were our kind of people. We waited so excitedly for their wedding!  The day started with a text from Katie, “We’re running ahead of schedule, we can meet at the church!”  Let me tell you, that has NEVER happened to us! […]

Aaron + Katie

December 8, 2016

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Jon is a fire-fighter, Halee was helping at a call he was on, and the rest is history. If their jobs don’t say enough about them, the way they treat people do. They are kind, gracious, loving people with servants hearts. My kind of people.  We met up with them early Saturday morning on a […]

Jon + Halee

October 26, 2016

Kelsey and I have been friends since I was in 6th grade. She made me laugh then, and she hasn’t stopped. She met her now-husband Michael, and they have created a beautiful little family together. Their wedding was long awaited, and a beautiful day full of laughter and joy. Kelsey found the most beautiful place […]

Michael + Kelsey : A Fredonia Wedding

October 25, 2016

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We never got to meet Krista and Cody for an engagement session. They are busy, We are busy, and we could never make our schedules align to meet! Along with an engagement session, all our wedding collections include a “one month meeting” to help perfect our couples timelines (and eat delicious food!)  With the conversations […]

Cody + Krista | A For All Family Farm Wedding

October 18, 2016


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