Kurt + Deb | A Camp Coffman Wedding

Kurt and Deb had the most amazing, most beautiful, most meaningful wedding day. I can’t even begin to explain how perfect this day was! Deb is also a photographer, and it was such an honor (and a bit intimidating!) to photograph her wedding!

Kurt and Deb got married at Camp Coffmen in Cranberry PA. They rented the entire camp for the weekend! I don’t have photos, but I think my favorite part was that they invited us to come spend time with them the night before, and rented us a cabin to stay in. It was truly a wedding weekend. All their very best friends were hanging around the fire pit after things were prepped for Saturday.

Deb had some issues with her flower plans, but they turned out even more meaningful because one of her good friends and Deb’s sister came together and created all the incredible flowers you see. Deb’s dress was blush. BLUSH! Did you even know that was a thing!? To have a dress that was secretly pink!?? I have to get married again now.  The girls got ready in the treehouse cabin at the top of the hill, what an amazing place to prep for your wedding!

I’ve said this to deb a few times, but her bridesmaids are some of my favorite people We became quick friends because we all shared the same love for our sweet Deb. (Plus they are pretty fun people!!) After everyone was ready, it was time for a daddy first look! 
There was an adorable story of deceit and betrayal with the hat dad is wearing. I was happy to be a part of that moment!Then it was Kurts turn to see Deb!  

One thing we love about the first look is that it gives our couples the opportunity to have all their bridal party images created before the ceremony actually happens! Things are so much more relaxed and fun! They held their ceremony in one of the adorable pavillions on the site. To be honest, we were nervous about lighting and things in something like that! In true photographer fashion, Deb had thought through all of that and everyone was lit well and everything was beautiful! 

I realize this should be about Kurt and Deb, and how incredible and amazing their vows to each other were, but I have to mention this Skip guy. He introduced himself to me saying his Indian name was “walks with a hop.” I absolutely did not get the joke for a solid 10 minutes, and then laughed too hard.  He was so much fun the entire weekend, but also so serious about the wedding and the marriage. He did an incredible job as the officiant!

(the ceremony was, obviously, incredibly beautiful. I only cried the one time.)

Because we did a first look, we spent about 10 more minutes getting a few “just married” images, and then it was time to party!  

We did some dancing, and some crying and then off for sunset images!

Then some real partying! We stayed so long I ran back to the cabin and put on my glasses, and did the wobble! 

Kurt and Deb, we truly feel blessed to have met you, and to have become friends. Thank you for sharing your amazing wedding day with us. We wish you both the happiest of life together, and we promise to be there beside you along the ride!

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