Breathe. ; monday minute week 4

It’s dark and cold outside. We are all getting a bit of cabin fever, and our fuses are getting a bit short. I don’t even want to open my computer. I don’t want to leave my bed.

This moment got me today. Jenny had lost her temper, and then immediately starting crying. Jenny has these massive feelings, and has only had 5 years to master them so far. She’s still working on it just like I’m still working on mine. In preschool we had the most amazing teacher who understood J very well. Whenever J would become overwhelmed, overstimulated or overly upset about something, Ms. Lisa would pull her aside and give her some special, magical lotion to rub on her hands. The goal was to focus on one feeling and one action until all the yucky feelings are rubbed away.

I think there is a lesson to be learned here as adults. Sometimes the world overwhelms us. Sometimes our tasks are more than the hours in the day and we get so focused on completing them and getting all the things done. I think we need to create more space in our life to breathe. Say no to the things that are just filling up your time so you don’t have to sit with your thoughts and deal with your issues. Say yes to waking up early to sit with your bible and dig into the things you’ve been avoiding. Say yes to getting outside and going for a walk. Say yes to more breathing time.

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