Weekend Wrap-up : Monday Minute week 5

I’m finding it more and more difficult to find things to write about every Monday. I spent about 20 minutes this morning jotting down ideas for future posts, hopefully with a bit of planning we can make that happen.

We don’t have any internet at The Farm, so we’ve been using our phones and my data connected laptop to work. That means though, that my usual super speedy uploads of my phone photos to dropbox are not very speedy at all. I may need to break out my big girl camera this week so we can have photos for these posts.

Since we moved into the farmhouse in November, we have been sleeping on two twin beds pushed together because we couldn’t get our queen size mattress up the stairs. While that was nice because it was a slightly larger bed, one of us was sad because the other of us would move so far away while we’re sleeping. (good luck guessing. haha!) So Josh decided it would be a quick project to open up the staircase so we could get the bed upstairs.

Plot twist! It was NOT a quick project, and ended up being 4 days and $250 of work. Josh quickly recognized that addition that was put on in the 60s (we know because we found a 1966 record argus!) was not structurally sufficient. There were floor joyces resting on a 6 inch bit of board that was cracked down the middle. Josh found that the floor/ceiling was sagging by a massive 6 inches, and decided that it would be a good time to put in a supporting beam.
It looks so nice now, and although we did make a commitment to not do any farmhouse reno until the venue was done, it felt good to move forward on something. We’ve been stuck inside with a ton of projects to do and not enough warm weather to do them. The beam project was just what Josh needed to cure his stir crazy.

I’ll work on taking more big kid camera photos this week, and update you on what’s up with us again next monday!

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