Harley and Sam : A Squires Castle Engagement Session

Harley and Sam are a super fun young couple getting married in September! Sam was a senior of mine a few years ago, and when she got engaged, we were in contact right away!! She is a brilliant small business owner, and Harley is a diesel mechanic. Needless to say, we hit it off really well. Josh and Harley can talk forever about who knows what, and I know their backyard wedding will be amazing!


We met up at Squires castle in Cleveland Ohio for their engagement session, and we ended up having amazing weather at the end of March! Harley and Sam are laughing almost always, but we did get a few more quiet  moments with them.  

I still contend that this photo needs an explosion behind it because they look so hardcore.

Harley and Sam, thank you so much for choosing us to be a part of your wedding experience. We love you guys and support you and can’t wait to spend your day with you!

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