On changes, and mom life.

A few things have changed in our life the past month.
I keep telling myself that I need to blog about the last six months, and what’s happened and I just don’t know what to say or where to start. I’m promising now to blog again about our business some time this month. For now, find a brief bit about what happened to start everything here.  

Our photography business is very seasonal. From May – November we’re running around like crazy people, shooting weddings every Saturday, the same amount of engagement sessions during the week, as well as senior portraits and my dream team meetings.  Add PTO meetings pre-school drop off and pickup, potty training, laundry, dishes, meals and everything else that is needed to run a home, things are a bit hectic. Not to mention trying to be a good wife in there somewhere.  (I feel blessed every Saturday that my job is a built in date night!)

I’ve never glorified busy. When people say “oh wow! You’ve got your hands full!” I just nod and say thank you.  A friend of mine has a sign in her home that says “If you think my hands are full, you should see my heart.” I love that!  I’ve got a lot of things occupying my time, but I refuse to be “busy” That seems to be a state of constant anxiousness and I don’t want anything to do with that!

So, when I checked out the total money makeover by Dave Ramsey a few months ago, while being in the mix of the biggest financial and emotional crisis of our lives to date I was all in. We don’t have a ton of debt, neither of us went to college and we own our cars outright.  What we don’t have is much of a savings account. Being a photography studio owner means that you have to work now for the business you want in 6 weeks.  So if I’m not marketing in January, I have no work in March. If I say, have a life altering medical issue from November to January, that means I have no work… at all.  So once we got out from the haze that was that time in my life, we had no idea how to start producing the money to cover the expenses we had. I could start marketing for things, and creating sessions, and the other things I do but that wouldn’t produce consistent income right away.

We talked about Josh getting a second job (or a “dave job”), but it’s hard to apply for a position and say “I can only be here maybe Tuesday and Wednesday, I need to make $xxxx amount of money and I can never be available on Saturdays and also I only want to work here in the winter, and maybe for just a few months and then I’ll quit.” That didn’t seem like it would be a kind thing to do to any employer! But we absolutely did not want to ever be in the situation we were in ever again, and needed to start saving, and paying our bills in the interim until our photography business started producing again.

(as a side note. I know that we need to ask for help in life sometimes. I’m kind of stubborn and proud, and I’m working on that. During this entire process we had multiple church family friends who came and brought us meals, played with the girls and offered us financial assistance as well. We’re so thankful for that, but also feel like we need to provide ourselves outside of drastic emergency.”)

Enter, Josh’s new part time job! We prayed and prayed, and felt not too hopeful about finding a job that could meet the specifications where he could work when he wanted to, because he works full time at our photography studio. God always shows up though, and Josh found a company called foremost transport.  This job seemed too good to be true! He drove to the orientation skeptical but also excited. It turned out, he can call in to get a dispatch whenever he wants. He can work every week if he wants, long 4-5 day trips or shorter 12 hour trips. So in the winter when we are slower, I can relax a bit, and in the summer when we are overwhelmed with work, he doesn’t have to drive at all. Josh loves to drive, and he had to buy himself an F350 in order to be approved (win for him!)  It has been such a perfect fit for our family so far!


Josh heading out to drive early last week


The girls and I are adjusting to not having him at home with us as often this month because he’s been driving, but I am absolutely loving the extra time I’m getting with the girls!

Last week Josh went for 5 days and I took the girls to church by myself. I honestly felt like such a boss at momming and was so proud of myself. I’ve found a new strength I didn’t know I had while not having Josh to lean on, and although I miss him a lot, we are managing right now.  I know that God has big plans for our family, and I’m so excited to see where this will go.

We covet your prayers, and appreciate all the help we’ve been given already. As the saying goes, “it takes a village” and I’m thankful for the village that’s surrounded my girls to help me raise them.   While I know this isn’t forever, and he will be back in our daily life soon it is still hard to be without him while he’s driving!  “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” constantly runs through my head. I know it’s true, and I’m feeling blessed.

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