The story of the chair – Dreams coming true.

We are approaching our 3rd year in the studio! What an incredible story of God’s providence.  Today I wanted to share one small piece of that story!

This business that is now our full time livelihood,  was once just a dream and and a small idea.  I’ve talked before about how I decided that I wouldn’t go to college right after high school, but I still didn’t know what I wanted to do. I got a job at Sheetz (the absolute best convenience restaurant of all time.) and worked there for almost three years. Although the manager was amazing, and I loved my co-workers, I found myself gaining weight and my stress level getting unhealthy. I dreaded going to work. We had been trying to get pregnant for a while and I think the stress was negatively affecting that.  Josh and I took a hard look at our (then very simple) budget, and agreed that if I could bring in $300 extra a month with photography I could quit Sheetz.


Needless to say, that happened! God took care of the $300 the first month, and every month after that. My business grew and grew slowly but surely. I kept feeling like it was time to move to the next step, a studio, but God knew it wasn’t quite time yet.

One day I was driving down the road in my Chevy Impala. (man I loved that car!) There was an estate sale that had just finished, and this chair was sitting out on the road with a sign that said $5. I bought that chair without a second thought, and somehow fit it into the trunk of my car. I knew, that although God hadn’t given me the studio yet, He had promised me that he would. I brought it home and put it in my garage. It sat there for 18 months!  The day that we signed the papers for our studio, One of the first things we did was haul that chair in and put it right in the middle of the big empty space. I absolutely cried at that moment. story of the chair

God wants to move mountains for you! He wants you to live a life full of abundance, and He wants you to trust Him to take care of your needs. Big ones and small ones! Trust Him, and see what He will do!



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