Week Two : What to do.

I’m hoping this will get easier as we go. Maybe the last Monday of 2019 I’ll be typing up a storm and have my entire life together. Seems possible.

For today though, I had no idea what I wanted to blog about. Do I write about the projects we’re working on at The Farm? I think people want to know that. Do I write about my spiritual epiphanies? Not sure people care about that, but maybe. What about parenting advice? Just kidding. I have none of that.

I could talk about the goals we made for our business for 2019, but I don’t know that we really have those hammered in quite yet. I could write about the new hire we brought on at Sparrow Hill, I’m REALLY excited about her, but I feel like she deserves her own webpage. Speaking of that, I should probably work on the website…

Do I write just photography and personal stuff on this blog? When do we start blogging on the Sparrow Hill blog? What’s the most effective way to maximize our SEO?

I think I’ve decided to do all of the things. ( as usual.) So, without further ado, literally everything I want to tell you, in a short list-like version.

  • Projects we’re working on at The Farm : Tearing down partition walls in the lodge/grooms house. Fixing drywall in the brides house, and installing a new on-suite bathroom for the bridal suite. Josh is a boss, and is doing most of the work slowly with a child “helping” him daily.
  • My Spiritual life: Exodus 35 :30-34 ( go read it. I’ll wait.) | What stuck out to me here is that the Holy Spirit filled these people with understanding, knowledge and skills. He gave everyone a skill that worked all together to create what He had asked. While I believe that we should always work with all our hearts, it was encouraging to read that God will take care of us having the skill set to fit into His ultimate plan.
  • Parenting advice : Bella (yes. the dog.) has been getting a ton better with her anxiety! We have been having our friends come in, and then walking slowly with her to the new people and allowing her to bark, but encouraging our friends to get on her level and be patient with her. I think it’s working!
  • Our goals for 2019? I really don’t know. I think the main goal is to find balance, say no to things that don’t light us up, and say yes to more family things. I’ll definitely write a post with more focused goals some time this week, because I enjoy planning and think it’s fun to put it out there!

There you have it! A lot of words and not too many photos, but it’s done! I hope you had a shark-like Monday! Also, don’t forget to ooh and ahhh at the photo at the top. Josh took it Sunday morning because we had the most beautiful sunrise and man, this place is breathtaking some days. What a blessing it is to live here.

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