"life is a culmination of small moments, making up an incredible story"

A few things have changed in our life the past month. I keep telling myself that I need to blog about the last six months, and what’s happened and I just don’t know what to say or where to start. I’m promising now to blog again about our business some time this month. For now, […]

On changes, and mom life.

April 17, 2018

07 Josh + Jeanette at home

Harley and Sam are a super fun young couple getting married in September! Sam was a senior of mine a few years ago, and when she got engaged, we were in contact right away!! She is a brilliant small business owner, and Harley is a diesel mechanic. Needless to say, we hit it off really […]

Harley and Sam : A Squires Castle Engagement Session

April 6, 2018

03 Engagement

Harry and Jewel are adorable, so much fun and fiercely in love.  We met up with them on what was probably the windiest cold day of the year! We  hid behind buildings to block the wind, and took breaks in the car to bring our core temperature up.  In between those moments, we laughed so […]

Harry + Jewel ; A windy day engagement session [ Butler, PA Engagement Photographer]

February 20, 2018

02 Weddings

We are approaching our 3rd year in the studio! What an incredible story of God’s providence.  Today I wanted to share one small piece of that story! This business that is now our full time livelihood,  was once just a dream and and a small idea.  I’ve talked before about how I decided that I […]

The story of the chair – Dreams coming true.

February 5, 2018

Real Talk, Uncategorized

Kurt and Deb had the most amazing, most beautiful, most meaningful wedding day. I can’t even begin to explain how perfect this day was! Deb is also a photographer, and it was such an honor (and a bit intimidating!) to photograph her wedding! Kurt and Deb got married at Camp Coffmen in Cranberry PA. They […]

Kurt + Deb | A Camp Coffman Wedding

February 3, 2018

02 Weddings

. Ryan and Amanda are two of the sweetest, most fun people we’ve had the pleasure to meet! We met up at Dairy Queen to chat about their wedding, and gushed and planned and ate french fries and blizzards.  When it was time to plan their engagement session, we were really hoping for snow, and […]

Ryan + Amanda | A Snowy Engagement Session [ Greenville, PA Wedding Photographer ]

January 31, 2018

03 Engagement

Do you know that commercial where the guy is like “I don’t always *whatever* but when I do…” I feel like saying that a lot about Braden and Brittany! First it’s “I don’t always forget my grooms, but when I do, I see them in my PCP’s office while I’m asking for surgery and pain […]

Braden + Brittany | A Jamestown Park Snowy Engagement Session

January 19, 2018

03 Engagement

Photographing TJ was one of the most fun guy senior sessions we did this year! He brought his trumpet with him for some senior portraits showing off his musical talents, and we wondered all over downtown creating some great images! TJ is seriously such a cool guy, and made Josh and I laugh the entire […]

TJ, Reynolds High School Senior [ Transfer, PA Senior Photographer]

January 2, 2018

01 Seniors

Tyler and Megan had the sweetest December wedding in North Carolina.  We felt so blessed to have been asked to travel down to spend their day with them!  Meg had a beautiful princess dress, and such thought out details. The ceremony was short and so sweet with lots of laughter. Then we headed over to […]

Tyler + Meagan : A Winter Vineyard Wedding

January 2, 2018

02 Weddings

Matt and Maria’s December wedding was one of the most well thought out, beautiful weddings.  We started the day at Julie’s Friends in Boardman. Then we headed off to The makeup boutique in canfield  for professional airbrush makeup. They did an INCREDIBLE job!  They had such a lovely makeup studio in Canfield Ohio for getting […]

Matt + Maria | Boardman Ohio Wedding Photographer | Vineyards at Pine lake wedding

December 9, 2017

02 Weddings

Some of you know and some of you don’t that I (Jeanette) have been dealing with some health issues. For the past six years I have been managing my gall bladder pain by eating a low fat diet and drinking tons of water. I have always considered myself “tough” and had decided that if the […]

About commitment, and family and our love for our couples

December 8, 2017

07 Josh + Jeanette at home

We don’t shoot a lot of church weddings, but when we do I just love it! There is something about the tradition of the day that really gets to me. Brian and Jennifer had such a beautiful day! We started out getting ready at The Presbyterian Church in Conneaut Lake, PA With all the classic […]

Brian and Jennifer : A purple church wedding

November 20, 2017

02 Weddings

Rachael is one of our class of 2018 model team members! She chose to do our Luxe session, and we had a total blast with her and her parents!  Rachael is smart, funny, and seriously beautiful! Her session started with hair and makeup in the studio, as well as some editorial senior portraits in the […]

Rachael Morgan, Class of 2018 | Greenville PA Senior Portrait Photographer

October 26, 2017

01 Seniors

Fun, Imaginative, Breathtaking, Emotional.  Those are just some of the words I want to use to describe Brian and Becky’s day.   Becky is a true princess inside and out, kind and caring and beautiful! Her day was nothing short of perfect. They say pictures say a thousand words, so enjoy. <3 Becky and Brian’s reception […]

Brian + Becky : A Buhl Park Fairy tale wedding

October 10, 2017

02 Weddings


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