"life is a culmination of small moments, making up an incredible story"

E turned four this week! It’s hard to believe that the little girl who had me on bedrest for three months is here in the world and big enough to love unicorns. This was our first official birthday at The Farm, and we had such a blast decorating and enjoying the time with friends. We’ve […]

Monday Minute : E turns 4

February 11, 2019

07 Josh + Jeanette at home

I’m finding it more and more difficult to find things to write about every Monday. I spent about 20 minutes this morning jotting down ideas for future posts, hopefully with a bit of planning we can make that happen. We don’t have any internet at The Farm, so we’ve been using our phones and my […]

Weekend Wrap-up : Monday Minute week 5

February 4, 2019


It’s dark and cold outside. We are all getting a bit of cabin fever, and our fuses are getting a bit short. I don’t even want to open my computer. I don’t want to leave my bed. This moment got me today. Jenny had lost her temper, and then immediately starting crying. Jenny has these […]

Breathe. ; monday minute week 4

January 28, 2019

07 Josh + Jeanette at home

I almost always bite off more than I can chew. At this point last year I was running 5 different businesses and trying to manage our household with one little one in Kindergarten and one in Preschool. Most of the time I can handle this, but I also struggle a bit with depression. What this […]

Week Three : Jeanette has it all together.

January 21, 2019

07 Josh + Jeanette at home

Harry and Jewel were close friends of our past clients Justin and Chelsea, who we loved. So when Jewel contacted us about photographing her wedding, we were so excited to spend time with that same group of friends! Harry and Jewel got married at The Grand Estates at Hidden Acres, which was just a few […]

Harry and Jewel : A Grand Estates at Hidden Acres Wedding

January 17, 2019

02 Weddings

I’m hoping this will get easier as we go. Maybe the last Monday of 2019 I’ll be typing up a storm and have my entire life together. Seems possible. For today though, I had no idea what I wanted to blog about. Do I write about the projects we’re working on at The Farm? I […]

Week Two : What to do.

January 14, 2019

07 Josh + Jeanette at home

Happy New year! It’s the very first Monday of the year! I don’t know about you, but Monday’s are actually my favorite day of the week. We protect our Sunday/Sabbath rest day for our family fiercely, so usually I feel really rested, and ready to take on the world the next day. I’m not one […]

First Monday of 2019

January 7, 2019

07 Josh + Jeanette at home

Kenny and Alyshia are the cutest human beings on the planet. We met up for their engagement photos at fellows gardens in Youngstown Ohio, and the first thing they said (after chuckling about finding our truck) was that they had brought this tiny hippo, and could we please use her in the photos. LOVE IT. […]

Kenny + Alyshia : A Fellows garden engagement session

October 12, 2018

03 Engagement

As this is being published, Josh and I, along with Tyler and Katelyn are currently in Aspen, CO. surrounded by mountains, enjoying their beautiful wedding. Talk about a dream come true! Their engagement session a few weeks ago was nothing less than extraordinary. Katelyn’s family has a camp at tionesta, and we spend a few […]

Tyler and Katelyn : A tionesta pa, campfire , kayaking and puppies engagement session

August 15, 2018

03 Engagement

Tylor and Brandy are one of my very favorite couples! If you know us well you know that Brandy is so special to us, being one of our senior models, and now as our nanny and one of my best friends. So saying that we had some big expectations for Tylor would be an understatement. […]

Tylor & Brandy : An Erie PA Engagement Session

July 10, 2018

03 Engagement

Blake and Rachel’s wedding day was honestly what every little girl dreams her wedding day will be like. I have never photographed a wedding that went off without at least one small mishap, and thinking back I can not even think of the smallest thing that went wrong on their day. Everything flowed nicely. Everyone […]

Blake + Rachel | The barn at glistening pond wedding photography

June 2, 2018

02 Weddings

A few things have changed in our life the past month. I keep telling myself that I need to blog about the last six months, and what’s happened and I just don’t know what to say or where to start. I’m promising now to blog again about our business some time this month. For now, […]

On changes, and mom life.

April 17, 2018

07 Josh + Jeanette at home

Harley and Sam are a super fun young couple getting married in September! Sam was a senior of mine a few years ago, and when she got engaged, we were in contact right away!! She is a brilliant small business owner, and Harley is a diesel mechanic. Needless to say, we hit it off really […]

Harley and Sam : A Squires Castle Engagement Session

April 6, 2018

03 Engagement

Harry and Jewel are adorable, so much fun and fiercely in love.  We met up with them on what was probably the windiest cold day of the year! We  hid behind buildings to block the wind, and took breaks in the car to bring our core temperature up.  In between those moments, we laughed so […]

Harry + Jewel ; A windy day engagement session [ Butler, PA Engagement Photographer]

February 20, 2018

02 Weddings


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